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Secondary School Programme - Futureopoly

Ages: Secondary School Students

When: 9am-2pm Thursday 24th October

Where: Meeting point is the Sand Arena near Gate 13

Fees: A small fee of $2 per child applies, teachers will not be charged. Ministry of Education adult/pupil ratios must be met.

All registered teachers and pupils will receive complimentary tickets to attend the School Programme.\
We have partnered with the Graeme Dingle Foundation to offer Secondary Students students the great opportunity to learn more and get excited about potential vocational career pathways. This is in efforts to ensure students are aware of opportunities available to them in the future, to enable them to make informed choices about their career and increase their confidence talking to adults.

Based on the well-know game Monopoly, groups will move between education modules set up with local businesses in different food, fibre and primary sectors. Groups will spend 12 minutes completing an activity and interview at each module in order to collect points for a chance to win prizes.

You can register online from 1st August until 27th September.

All details will be available on registration. For more information contact

Primary School Programme Summary