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Hawke's Bay A&P Show

Handmade Competition

Ages: All

When: Entries displayed throught the Show, prizegiving will be held at at 9:30am Friday

Where: Centre of Exhibition Hall - Indoor Trade & Handmade. Prizegiving in North end of Showcase Hall on the runway

Fees: A small fee of $5 per entry.

Each entrant will receive a complimentary ticket to attend the HB A&P Show.

The Handmade Competition encourages anyone from the community to enter their hand crafted creations from the past year into our various competition classes. Judging of entries will take place prior to the Show and Prize Cards with 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings will be displayed with them at the Show. We will be holding a prizegiving on Friday to present the winners of the best in show trophies, so please make sure you are in attandance in case your entry is chosen. Prizes in the form of cash or gift voucher will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings in each class, along with Prize Cards. There will also be overall trophies awarded for various "best in show" winners

You can register online from 1st August. Entries close on 27th September.


Hand Craft

  • HC1 - Handmade card with a positive saying or quote
  • HC2 - Handmade jewellery or accessory with wellbeing qualities
  • HC3 - Harakeke (flax) item of any sort
  • HC4 - Hand painted item of any sort

Kitchen Craft

  • KC1 - 1 jar of sealed/covered pesto of any 
  • KC2 - 1 jar of sealed/covered chutney or relish of any sort
  • KC3 - 1 jar of sealed/covered jam of any sort
  • KC4 - 1 decorated cupcake (presented on jar lid with jar used as cover

Fibre Craft

  • FC1 - Any garment made from handspun wool or any natural fibre
  • FC2 - Any small knitted, felted or woven garment/item
  • FC3 - Any large knitted, felted or woven garment/item
  • FC4 - Any machine made garment
  • FC5 - Machine sewn patchwork e.g. quilt or wall hanging
  • FC6 - Embroidery of any sort
  • FC7 - Soft toy or animal of any sort

Innovative Craft

  • IC1 - Metal Craft of any sort
  • IC2 - 3D Printed item of any sort (max. size 20x30x30cm)
  • IC3 - Freestyle Model (max. size 20x30x30cm)

Wood Craft -

  • All applications to be directed to the Hawke's Bay Woodturners Guild, contact for more details. 

Overall Awards

  • CJ Baker Cup - Best Piece of Needlework in Show
  • Geo. B. Woolley Esq. Cup - Points Cooking
  • E.R. Spriggs Esq. Tray - Most Outstanding Exhibit
  • Beverley Horne Memorial Trophy - Woolcrafts Section
  • E.R. Spriggs Esq. Tray - Most Oustanding Exhibit student 18 and under
  • Mrs. W. Rayner & Miss. E.M. King Cup - Best Piece of Needlework

All details will be available on registration. For more information contact