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Hawke's Bay A&P Show

Hobby Horse Race

Ages: All

When: 2pm Friday

Where: Blue Showing Ring on Main Oval

Fees: Free to enter

Prizes: Ribbons and Certificates will be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings. Everyone who competes will receive a certificate of participation.

The Hobby Horse Competition encourages people of all ages to buy, borrow or make their own Hobby Horse to bring along to the Show and participate in this fun-for-all competition. You don't need to stress about having the flashest hobby horse in town, if you're in a pinch you can even use a mop or broom, as long as you can stay on it. Join in and have a laugh. Competitiors with the fastest time and best performance will be awarded with a certificate and ribbon to celebrate their participation and success.

You can register online from 1st August. Entries close on 27th September.


  • Dressage Display - 10 years old and under
  • Dressage Display - 11 years old to 16 years old
  • Dressage Display - 17 years old and over
  • Barrel Race - 10 years old and under
  • Barrel Race - 10 years old to 16 years old
  • Barrel Race - 17 years old and over

All details will be available on registration. For more information contact